Sunday Morning Coffee

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve likely seen this window… a time or two… ok, maybe a tad more… But with that stunning light, how can one resist? 

This morning I posted my daily photo for the #thebethadillychallenge on IG {a fantastic way to shoot a photo everyday with one of beth-a-dilly’s fun daily prompts, if you don’t follow her already, you must. Oh, and here’s where you can sign up for her prompt list at} There is a great network of friends from all over the world posting their daily photos, all skill levels, so I encourage anyone to join. {I personally would love if my husband and son to try this, just to see how their minds interpret each prompt!}

Today’s prompt was SUNDAY MORNING.


To start, I enjoyed a little chill time in bed, watching CNN. (a favourite morning treat, our son is nearly 12, so the days of hearing his darling little footsteps running toward our room are sadly gone, but this now means mom and dad get to have coffee in bed)

Next, I hop to it and clean our home for an hour or so. (We downsized to a condo in the city for a couple years, while our new home is being built we figured this would be a fun transition to live in the core of our downtown. Downsizing was one of the best, most freeing decisions we’ve ever made. We love our simplified lifestyle. I think that’s why my photography style is just that: simple. It reflects how we live.)

Once the house is cleaned, my husband and son grab their baseball gloves and head down to the park and toss the ball around. I decided that it is well deserved to have some “me” time, and grab my tripod to capture this little, peaceful segment of my Sunday morning. {here’s the pull-back of my set-up.}

File 2016-04-24

I enjoy a delicious cup of German Chocolate Cake and indulged in one of my favourite photography books- ‘Capture the Moment’, by Sarah Wilkerson. It’s a stunning collaboration of photographers that share their work with some inspiring tips.

Book Preview.jpg

The boys are now home and getting ready to grab their fishing rods and head to the lake. Mason’s friend is coming along for our annual fishing trip (it’s about a 30 second walk from our condo, and we do it once a year for about an hour, haha) . While I am a northern girl at heart, I could never touch the bait or unhook the fish… but I can certainly have fun watching these city boys dig into their country roots!

Happy Sunday Friends!

D xo

Published by

Dana Walton

Dana is drawn to the beauty in simplicity within the frame. One who lives by the words "less is more" she translates this feeling into her art. Creative composition and isolating subjects are just a couple of elements that play a strong role within the frame. Finding beauty is its simplest form. Dana lives with her husband, son and two kitties in a small town outside of Toronto, Ontario. When not spending time with family, or shooting, she enjoys baking (just about anything under the sun) or riding through trails on her mountain bike.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coffee”

    1. Thank you! I had not thought about blogging about the prompts, but it might be fun! I only blog in the pocket of my time, and I sure wish I had bigger pockets!! Hope to add more content soon. My next thought is talking about the struggles we face while attempting a 365 photography project. I think we can all agree that it’s easier said than done! 😉


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