Canvas vs Print

While there may be benefits to printing canvas or framing a piece of fine art, it all depends on personal tastes and preferences, budget, interior design, and needs of the end user.




• Does not exhibit any glare or reflections.

• Largest image size for a given wall space (no mats or borders)

• Weighs much less that framed prints.

• Canvas prints provide a frameless presentation which creates a window into the scene.

• Lack of frame blends well into any style decor in home or office.

• Creates the feel of a Statement Piece.

• Adds texture to a plain wall.

• Ready to hang, no added cost of matte and frame (keeps cost low).



• Photograph can not be changed (permanent).

• Canvas is a textured medium, depends on personal taste.


• Traditional look and appeal.

• Matte and frame selection to match room decor.

• Paper prints exhibit more detail than canvas.

• Print can be changed over time.


• Glare and reflections from light.

• More delicate to moisture.

• Larger sizes are heavy and expensive.

• Not ready to hang, must choose mat and frame, adds to cost.


When you’re ready to hang your wall art, make sure you consider the pros and cons.

Published by

Dana Walton

Dana is drawn to the beauty in simplicity within the frame. One who lives by the words "less is more" she translates this feeling into her art. Creative composition and isolating subjects are just a couple of elements that play a strong role within the frame. Finding beauty is its simplest form. Dana lives with her husband, son and two kitties in a small town outside of Toronto, Ontario. When not spending time with family, or shooting, she enjoys baking (just about anything under the sun) or riding through trails on her mountain bike.

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