Canvas vs. Print

While there may be benefits to printing canvas or framing a piece of fine art, it all depends on personal tastes and preferences, budget, interior design, and needs of the end user.




• Does not exhibit any glare or reflections.

• Largest image size for a given wall space (no mats or borders)

• Weighs much less that framed prints.

• Canvas prints provide a frameless presentation which creates a window into the scene.

• Lack of frame blends well into any style decor in home or office.

• Creates the feel of a Statement Piece.

• Adds texture to a plain wall.

• Ready to hang, no added cost of matte and frame (keeps cost low).



• Photograph can not be changed (permanent).

• Canvas is a textured medium, depends on personal taste. 


• Traditional look and appeal.

• Matte and frame selection to match room decor.

• Paper prints exhibit more detail than canvas.

• Print can be changed over time. 


• Glare and reflections from light. 

• More delicate to moisture. 

• Larger sizes are heavy and expensive. 

• Not ready to hang, must choose matte and frame, adds to cost.