Welcome to girl. coffee. camera.

A blog of documenting the simplicity of everyday.




Each day brings with it a fresh  start. A golden sunrise. A steaming cup of coffee. A  heaping pile of laundry.  I seek out finding something remarkable in the familiar.

To tell a story with simplicity in mind.


Welcome to my story.


Hand Holding newMy husband and I have enjoyed nearly 20 years together. He cooks, I clean. We love movie night. My head spins at the thought of our teenage son attending high school in the fall. I believe I could be a minimalist. I love coffee. I dream of retiring in a small village in France. I bake 100 cookies/week for my husbands company. Folding laundry helps me unwind.   A clean house keeps me sane. I might be known to love cats. A lot.




I’m Dana Walton. Wife. Mother. Photographer.

Cookie baker extraordinaire.

Thank you for being here.