Look Ma, no hands!

Since the evolution of the third arm is slow coming (how awesome would it be though, seriously!), I thought I would find out how some of my favourite instagrammers achieve this type of perspective without taping their iPhones to their foreheads… although I must admit, I might just give that a try one day, haha!

I must really give a shoutout to my followers for encouraging this post, you guys asked for it, so hopefully I can deliver the answers you were looking for!

Day 140/366 {bubbles}

I’ve often seen images on Instagram where both hands are in the image and the photo was taken from above and thought…

Wait, what???

How did they do that?

Where’s the camera?

What does the pull-back look like on that?

Then I asked a friend I met on IG,  how did he achieve this look in his amazing images. {thank you @jting26! If you haven’t seen this acct yet, check it out and you’ll see where I got this inspiration from for this shot)

Here are the two photographs that I used to complete the final image. Follow the link below to have a detail explanation of “how-to” take this type of image.



Original- (left arm) Nikon d750 10-24mm ( 14mm, 4.0 1/320 ISO 1200)
image of right arm to be added to original  (same setting as above)

I took the image of my left hand and I cloned (in photoshop) both my right arm and shirt from the second image to make a composite of the image below.

Final Edit

To watch a behind-the-scenes video on how-to take this photo click  watch video


D xo